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Your hassle free way to buy Bitcoin and other Altcoins

Simply register at our kiosk and enjoy a wide range of cryto currency related services.

  • All fees are included in our price (based on the Coinbase Exchange rate)
  • Easy and convenient way to get into crypto
  • We also offer Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum
  • Get your digital assets delivered to your favorite wallet within minutes
  • Beware of scams! Only send Bitcoin to your own wallet
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POS for digital assets.

In a new world of appreciating assets increased purchasing power will result in better deals and smoother Point of Sales experiences

  • We provide point of sale systems for Dash and other digital assets.
  • Simplicity, elegance and convenient backoffice admin interfaces are our strong suit
  • Contact us now if you'd like us consider your location (786) 686-BYTE
  • Great partner program for business/stores that like to combine a terminal with a point of sale solution
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Best in consulting

New and fascinating technologies abound in financial technologies. We help you make sense of it all

  • Digital assets, coins, ICOs. Check in with our experts to learn more
  • The majority of retail traders are switching to crypto. Learn why
  • Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin ... How do people buy, sell and trade these new assets
  • Automated coin routing and allocation software between your pool and exchanges? ByteFederal is an expert in software solutions for the cryptocurrency space
  • Which wallets to use? What to do with private keys and smart contracts? ByteFederal is here to help
  • Beware of scams! Learn more about our co-operation with Blockchain analysis experts to avoid digital scams
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Benefits of cryptographically secured digital assets and token

Low Fees

Transactions are very inexpensive with either no fees, or very low fees within digital payments.

Internet Token

You don't have to worry about rescheduling for bank holidays or the inconvenience of physical gold/cash.

Increased security

Cryptographically secured protocols cannot be manipulated by any person, organization, or government. Adding security and trust.

Earn Extra Revenue

ByteFederal compensates locations that host our terminals. Locations earn monthly rent.

Increase Foot Traffic

ByteFederals terminals and POS are posted on a network on websites that allow for potential customers to find your location. This network of customers also translates to a greater exposure for your business.

Support digital money

Help your community to adopt digital assets and relearn the joy of saving and increased purchasing power. Many locations find nearby businesses start accepting digital currencies for their goods and services.


We had an amazing experience. ByteFederal's staff was immensely helpful. Though new to the process they explained every step of the operation.
Adelle Charles

I had so many questions regarding digital money. ByteFederal's team know their stuff. So greatful.
Jean Carrol

ByteFederal's provides first rate services. Their terminals and POS are super easy to use.
Liu Warren

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